No evidence found to charge Chicopee’s former mayor

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP)– One year ago, Chicopee’s City Solicitor expressed concerns that former Mayor Bissonnette may have destroyed public records before he left office.

Those accusations included deleting e-mails and documents that had to do with the Amanda Plasse murder investigation and the surrounding community agreement with MGM.

Now, the Attorney General’s office says after interviewing 19 people there is not enough evidence to file criminal charges against the former mayor.

In a statement, the Attorney general’s office said Investigators were not able to find any specific public record that Mayor Bissonnette or his staff illegally destroyed.

They did, however, point out there were “significant deficiencies in the City’s record retention practices” The Attorney General’s office also criticize Bissonette’s administration for a lack of record keeping training, and for having an “inadequate electronic data backup infrastructure”.


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