New device helps shed pounds

New Device Helps Shed Pounds
Pacemaker-like "Maestro System" recently approved by the FDA regulates hunger signals between the stomach and brain.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (KARE) She has battled weight issues most of her adult life due to thyroid disease but Erica Roy-Nyline is now losing weight.

“It has been a year out, I’ve lost 35 pounds and I’m not done. It will keep going,” she explained as she went to a check-up at the University of Minnesota on Tuesday.

Roy-Nyline is enrolled in a study at the University of Minnesota of a new pacemaker-like weight loss device called the Maestro System.

Developed by EnteroMedics in St. Paul, it just received FDA approval last week because of success stories like hers.

“This is a turning point for us. This is the first FDA device that’s really come out in a long time that really specifically targets a mechanism of why people are obese,” says bariatric surgeon Dr. Sayeed Ikramuddin, the principal investigator in the study.

The Maestro System controls hunger and fullness by blocking signals from the stomach to the brain along the vagal nerve, the nerve which regulates the digestive system.

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