When should adults get vaccines updates?

There are several reasons adults might need vaccines

NEW YORK (CNN) – Most adults, and especially those who have kids, know the importance of getting children properly vaccinated, but did you know there’s a good chance you might need some vaccines too?

“Adults really aren’t aware of which vaccines that they need. Most people are aware of the influenza vaccine but when it comes to most of the other vaccines they really are not aware that they need vaccines too just like kids do,” said Carolyn Bridges, M.D asst. Dir. Adult immunization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There are several reasons adults might need vaccines: first like flu vaccine you need to get a flu shot every year some vaccines you need a booster like tetanus vaccine that one you should get one every ten years. Another vaccine you may need as an adult is because you missed them as a child or they weren’t offered when you were a child. Or because you’ve developed some medical condition

But what if you don’t know which vaccines you’ve had?  There are a couple of different ways, if you are not sure if you’ve had a vaccine and you can’t get your records talk to your provider and in general the rule is you should go ahead and get the vaccine.   For some vaccines you can have a blood test and you can talk with your provider about that and it can tell you if you are already immune or if you already have protection against the virus or bacteria

In the end, vaccine schedules should be individualized, depending on a person’s age and their medical conditions.

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