Selfie Sticks: Must have accessory?

Selfie Sticks: Must Have Accessory?
Looking for a way to improve your selfie game? A stick may be the answer.

(NBC News) “Selfie” was the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2013, and the challenge to get that perfect pic has people going to even greater lengths.

Arms have limitations, especially for group selfies, but selfie “sticks” can save the shot.

First popularized in Asia, they have now made their way to the United States.

Some models have Bluetooth built in so the stick can control the camera shutter.

Consumer Reports’ Terry Sullivan says you’ll still want to make sure you have good lighting.

“Because your phone isn’t image stabilized, the further you hold your selfie stick out from you the more the little vibrations are going to make a blurry photo,” he warns.

Selfie sticks generally range in price from $10 dollars to $100 dollars, depending on their features.

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