Seahawks fan gives shirt off his back

Seahawks Fan Gives Shirt Off His Back
A Seattle fan's act of kindness following their come-behind win over Green Bay has gone viral.

SEATTLE, Wash. (KING) A Packer family’s disappointment over their team’s NFC Championship loss was made less painful thanks to the generosity of a Seahawks fan.

The McElravys were in the stands at CenturyLink Field to witness the Green Bay’s last-minute loss to Seattle.

Packer die-hards, Tim McElravy and his 13-year-old son Austin found themselves surrounded by jubilant, ecstatic Hawks fan. That’s when a generous Seahawks fan named PJ gave his Seahawks jersey to Austin.

So why did he give Austin his prized jersey?

“It was an emotional decision at the time, it was my last year’s Super Bowl jersey and Sherman is my favorite player,” P.J. Ledorze explains. “You attach memories to that. As awesome as those memories are, that kid is never going to forget that moment and that means more to me than that jersey.”

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