Prenuptual agreements: Not just for the rich anymore

Legal agreements becoming more popular in different income brackets

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The wedding planning process is similar for most couples- choosing a date, making a guest list, and finding a venue, food, and flowers- but more couples are including a lawyer to their plans.

Divorce lawyers are seeing an increase in prenuptial agreements, and it’s not just among the wealthiest of engaged couples.

More average Americans are choosing to draft some sort of contract before they marry, and there are a few reasons why. One is that men and women are often waiting longer to walk down the aisle; by being older, they often have more property to protect. But beside more assets, Americans are also bringing more debt to their marriages– in the form of student and auto loans, and credit cards. A prenup can set up who will be responsible to pay for what, preventing any surprises or awkward conversations down the line.

Western New England University student Drew Forest said he can see why this is happening more and more.

“They get a degree in something where they’re struggling to get a job or they’re not making a whole lot of money and their spouse is making a lot more. It makes you wonder a little bit for sure,” Forest said.

There are also more blended families than ever before. Establishing some estate planning guidelines can protect children from previous relationships.

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