Jail rolls out body alarms

Jail Rolls Out Body Alarms
Recent assault on medical staff member prompts Washington jail to provide personal alarms for staff.

(KGW) A little black box at Washington’s Clark County Jail may not look like much, but it packs a big punch. Pull the pin and an alarm goes off, alerting jailers that someone is in trouble.

Last week, a mental health counselor inside the Clark County Jail had to use her voice to get help.

“When the inmate attacked the counselor, she yelled for help and our deputies were about 25 feet away and they responded swiftly and with determination to get through the door,” explained Ric Bishop, Chief Deputy of the jail.

The jail already had a half dozen of the black alarm boxes, but nobody was wearing them on their belt before this. Bishop said they got them several years ago, but the medical contractor at the time didn’t want to use them.

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