Greenfield WMECO customers were overcharged on last electric bill

Those who have been overcharged will be given a credit on next month's bill

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – About 8,000 businesses and residents who are part of the “new” Greenfield Community Light and Power program complained they were overcharged on their last electric bill. Western Massachusetts Electric Company still handles the billing. WMECO and the Greenfield Department of Public Utilities investigated the issue.

Carole Collins, Director of the Sustainability and Energy Department for the town of Greenfield told 22News, “What we’ve learned is that there was a billing error that WMECo is working very closely to reconcile. And we should have a resolution within a short time.”

Many WMECo customers became part of the Greenfield Community Light and Power program, which offers green energy and cheaper rates. Those who made the switch were shocked to still see an expensive bill.

Greenfield Community Light and Power are the suppliers of this green energy, while WMECo is the distributor of the energy. And anyone who wants to have their energy sourced from Greenfield Community Light and Power is still a WMECo customer.

WMECo told 22News they’re taking steps to fix the problem.

WMECo spokesperson Priscilla Ress told 22News, “We are recalculating the bills and we want to reassure customers that they will get an accurate bill, and also, there will be a credit on next month’s bill.”

Carole Collins told 22News the next bill should be cheaper compared to WMECo rates, as promised.

If you were overcharged, you are asked to call WMECo and Greenfield Community Light and Power at the numbers listed below:

  • Western Massachusetts Electric Company: (877) 659-6326
  • Greenfield Community Light and Power: (413) 772-1412

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