#Deflategate leads to jokes, memes, new products

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Accusations that the New England Patriots purposely deflated footballs during the AFC Championship game could have serious consequences for the team, but that isn’t stopping many corporations, private citizens, sports figures, and even public safety officials from making light of the situation.

Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski humorously explained the issue away- claiming his signature spike was to blame.

On Late Night with Seth Myers, it was suggested that maybe it was this playful pup.

Trooper Dustin Fitch with the Massachusetts State Police took the opportunity to remind drivers about the importance of inflating something else- their tires.

Tire manufacturer Michelin had a similar idea.

Meanwhile, Amazon used the opportunity to remind people how they can inflate their footballs.

It isn’t just inflatable products that are getting attention, though. One Boston bakery has come out with a timely product.

Krispy Kreme insists that their donuts are not deflated.

Even athletes in other sports are getting involved- this was found in the NHL’s Nashville Predators’ locker room.

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