Uneven income and inflation causing financial problems

The median household income in 2013 was about $52,000

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The monthly jobs reports continue to show promising signs that more and more U.S. employers are hiring, but most Americans are still feeling the financial pressure because their income hasn’t kept up with inflation.

A new Pew Research Center study found that 55% of Americans don’t think their wages are keeping up with the increasing cost of living. 37% said their income is staying even. Only about 6% reported their wages are going up faster.

Mike Gibbons said, “I think people feel like they could use a raise. I mean a lot of people in the last couple years, it’s been stagnant for a lot of people is what I hear.”

The median household income in 2013 was about $52,000, about the same as it was nearly 20 years ago in 1995.

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