Town of Amherst to discuss changes to downtown public parking

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Parking is becoming an issue in Amherst. If there has to be a problem, this is a good one to have because it implies more business and interest in the quaint town.

More people are going to Amherst for its shops and restaurants, but the parking hasn’t changed downtown to accommodate them. Residents and business owners met Tuesday, January 20 to discuss changing that.

There are metered parking spots and two paid parking lots in the south side of town, by Town Hall and Amherst College. Senior Town Planner Jeff Bagg told 22News the north side, near Kendrick Park and UMass, has new development, but largely private parking spots.

At the first parking forum in September 2014, about 40 business owners, residents and representatives from the Town Planning Board and Select Board met to discuss adding more public parking.

“We have business owners who are saying that there is a shortage of parking downtown and we have some residents that are concerned with change, so we’re trying to plan accordingly to try to find out if our existing parking system is adequate,” Bagg told 22News.

At Tuesday’s open forum, residents hoped to set timelines for making changes, if any, to the parking. Bagg said those could include adding more private parking on side streets, or even creating a new lot for public parking in the future.

The meeting was scheduled for 7:30 at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst.

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