Owl Attack? Or Seahawk?

Owl Attack? Or Seahawk?
Huge bird attacks Green Bay Packer super fan out for an early morning jog.

(KGW) Everyday Dr. Ron Jaecks gets up around five in the morning for a run around the pasture park by his Salem, Oregon home.

Thursday morning was no different, until, he says he came under attack.

“All of a sudden, I felt like an electrical shock come right from the top of my head and go down my spine,” Dr. Jaecks recalls.

He started screaming and running in circles. At first, he thought a person attacked him. Then, it happened again.

“Then I looked up and saw this huge black shadow of a wingspan flying off,” he says.

He ran home and called his friend, Dr. David Craig, who happens to be a bird-expert and professor at Willamette University.

Dr. Craig believes a Great Horned Owl is the culprit, but there is another theory.

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