New holes in golfer’s story

New Holes In Golfer's Story
Pro golfer Robert Allenby claims he was kidnapped, robbed and beaten in Hawaii, but a woman who came to his aid is questioning details of his story.

HONOLULU, Hawaii (KHNL) The homeless woman who went to the aid of Australian pro golfer Robert Allenby after he said he was kidnapped, beaten and robbed in Honolulu contradicts two major pieces of his story.

“He was already all bleeding and he was groggy and he wasn’t really walking and he was disorientated a little bit,” said Charade Keane. She said she found Australian golfer Robert Allenby sitting in a planter area just around the corner from the Amuse Wine Bar where Allenby claims he was kidnapped, contradicting what he told reporters when he claimed he was dumped six miles away in a park.

“I think there’s a lot of shock in there too. Just the thought of being hit, thrown in a trunk, dumped 6 1/2 miles away from where I was in the middle of nowhere with nothing, nothing, not a cent on me,” Allenby said in an interview with the Golf Channel Saturday.

Allenby also told Australian reporters that Keane told him she saw some men throw him out of a car, but Keane denies seeing that.

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