Jury selection begins in Holmes trial

Jury Selection Begins In Holmes Trial
Thousands of prospective jurors will be screened for possible service in the trial of accused theater gunman James Holmes.

AURORA, Colo. (NBC News) Jury selection begins Tuesday in the trial of the man accused in the deadly Aurora, Colorado theater shooting.

James Holmes faces multiple counts of first degree murder and attempted murder for shooting 12 people to death and wounding 70 others in a crowded movie theater.

The first of 9,000 prospective jurors, one of the largest pools ever, will report to the Arapahoe County Justice Center.

If selected, jurors must decide whether Holmes was legally sane at the time of the attack. If they find he was, then they’ll decide if he should be executed.

“These jurors have to be death qualified, and what that means is you have to be open to both a potential sentence of life in prison or a sentence of execution,” explains legal analyst Scott Robinson.

The process of seating 12 jurors and 12 alternates is expected to take several months.

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