Is business ownership for you?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) РHave you ever thought about owning your own business? Business and Career Coach Angela Lussier, shared advice on how to decide if business ownership is right for you.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Is business ownership for you?
The five most important questions to ask yourself.

1. DISCIPLINE: Do you finish projects you start if no one is there to hold you accountable?
2. PROBLEM SOLVING: If no one was there to tell you how to do something, would you be able to create a plan for yourself to follow?
3. COMMITMENT: Would people describe you as someone who is committed to their dreams and doesn’t stop until you have what you want?
4. PERSONAL GROWTH: How comfortable are you with being uncomfortable?
5. PROFESSIONAL GROWTH: Do you naturally seek out opportunities to build your skill set, learn new tools, and increase your knowledge?

Finding Your Dream Job
1. Finding your passion
2. Strengths and weaknesses
3. How to get a promotion at work
4. Is business ownership for you?
5. The 5 biggest mistakes made on a resume/cover letter
6. Social media presence; understanding your online footprint
7. How to network
8. Searching/Applying for jobs 101
9. Interviewing 101; Important questions to ask
10. Dress for success; what you should and shouldn’t wear on a job interview

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