How to get a promotion at work

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Do you love your job, but wish you could get a promotion? Business and Career Coach Angela Lussier, shared tips on how to make that dream into a reality.

How to Get a Promotion at Work
Many entry level jobs don’t leave a lot of room for visibility within the company. If you want to be a manager, find things to manage that get you away from your desk.

1. Create a task force focused on community involvement and pick 2-3 charitable events per year to get your company involved in.
2. Build an internal lunchtime speaker series and recruit employees with different areas of expertise to share their skills with their co-workers.
3. Start a lunchtime walking club and encourage employees to sign up. Have them track their walking time and offer small prizes to monthly winners (prizes purchased by employer)

Finding Your Dream Job
1. Finding your passion
2. Strengths and weaknesses
3. How to get a promotion at work
4. Is business ownership for you?
5. The 5 biggest mistakes made on a resume/cover letter
6. Social media presence; understanding your online footprint
7. How to network
8. Searching/Applying for jobs 101
9. Interviewing 101; Important questions to ask
10. Dress for success; what you should and shouldn’t wear on a job interview

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