Eating while driving: Culinary crime?

Eating While Driving: Culinary Crime?
Georgia man ticketed for eating a cheeseburger while behind the wheel.

COBB COUNTY, Geor. (WXIA) A Georgia man says he can’t believe he was ticketed for eating a cheeseburger while driving.

Madison Turner was chomping down on his quarter-pounder with cheese when a police officer ticketed him for distracted driving.

“The officer said to me that I wasn’t speeding or driving erratically,” Turner said.

The law is fairly broad. It’s illegal to do anything that would distract “from the safe operation of such vehicle.”

“I have pulled someone over before for failing to maintain their lane, it was a female who was eating a bowl of cereal heading to work,” said Sgt. Stephanie Stallings of the Georgia State Patrol.

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