Councilors want to cut Treasurer’s pay by $50k

The Holyoke Treasurer has a another full-time job

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) Holyoke’s City Council is taking a hard look at how much the Treasurer’s paid and how often he’s actually in the office working. The 22News I-Team caught up with the treasurer just a few hours before the council is scheduled to talk about cutting his pay by $50 thousand dollars.

“He’s doing a disservice to the city of Holyoke and all the taxpayers,” said Holyoke City Councilor Anthony Soto. Harsh words Soto and some other city councilors have for the city Treasurer, Jon Lumbra, after they discovered he had a second full-time job.

In addition to his job as Treasurer, Lumbra works at Loomis Village, a retirement community in South Hadley. There are no city ordinances keeping him from working a second full-time job, but councilors say as an elected official, it’s just not right.

“It’s definitely a moral issue and an integrity issue here you’re, he’s getting paid for work he’s not performing and that is not fair,” Soto said. Right now, the city treasurer makes around $70,000 but city councilors say if he’s only working behind this door part-time, then he should only be paid for part-time work.

The City Council plans to talk about cutting his pay by $50,000. Lumbra told the 22News I-Team he already plans to resign once he finishes the city’s annual audit, which he says he’s getting done during off-hours.

The majority of my work is at night and on Sunday, so not when the public is coming in but the public has been able to reach me by e-mail, no one has been turned away. I’m required to keep the office open from 8:30 to 4:30 under city ordinance and that is happening,” Lumbra said.

Lumbra says he’s not doing anything wrong, but will officially resign once the audit’s done in the next two weeks, which he said he had plans to do for some time.

The City Council is also considering an ordinance to clarify what’s expected of elected officials.

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