Caught on Camera: Crazy Crash

Caught On Cam: Crazy Crash
Driver faints behind the wheel, and the amazing crash that followed is caught on camera.

FORT MYERS, Fla. (WBBH) Carol Deller never expected the incredile car crash that took place during her visit to Florida’s Fort Myers Beach.

“I was just driving along, and then bingo, it just happened,” Deller says.

Deller was still wearing her hospital wrist band and sporting a black eye on Monday, less than a week after the wild crash, which she says started after she passed out while driving down busy Estero Boulevard.

“It was just like day and night,” says Deller. “It happened, and I just lost consciousness.”

Deller said she began having fainting episodes shortly before vacationing at Fort Myers Beach. But after visiting a doctor right before her trip, Deller said she was cleared to travel and to drive.

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