Too much pot!

PROSSER, Wash. (KXAN) 2014 was a roller coaster year for Washington’s marijuana industry. When stores opened last summer, product supply was tight, but now, there is too much marijuana.

“Altitude” in Prosser, Washington used to sell two grams for $75, now in January, they sell them for $35-$40, all because there are more growers and more product.

“It’s a little overwhelming to have so much product in the market, but in the same sense, it’s giving so many different options for different uses, and it’s really great,” said Altitude store manager Taunya Harris.

Not only that, but they expect more and more people to buy because those prices are cheaper, which means more business for them. That means it is a good thing for retailers.

“The market is very plentiful, as you would say, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon,” said Harris.

That is not the case for growers.

“There’s no outlet for their products, regardless of how good they are because everybody else has so much product,” said Susy Wilson, owner of WOW Weed, a marijuana grower.

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