Study suggests “comfort foods” aren’t comforting

The study also found that women tend to prefer sweets

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – A new study presented in the Dec. issue of Health Psychology suggests “comfort foods” are not as comforting as some people may think.

Comfort foods simply make people feel good in a moment of weakness, whether it’s macaroni and cheese, brownies or something else, the study claims.

Despite our cravings, new research shows there is no emotional benefit to eating those kinds of foods. Not everyone agrees with the study.

Shopper Kristin Skare said, “I think there is. It makes people feel loved. It reminds them of home. It reminds them of grandma or maybe ma. And so I think there are a lot of emotional benefits of it. I think that sometimes statistics are misleading and I’d like them to do further research.”

The study also found that women tend to prefer sweets, and men identify more savory, hearty foods as comfort foods.

More info on the study can be found at this link.

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