Report: NSA collected evidence to blame N. Korean for hacks

FBI Director: North Koreans had become "sloppy"

NEW YORK (NBC NEWS) – NBC News has been told that U.S. Intelligence Agencies did not have any advance warning of the hacking of Sony Pictures computers.

However, through its monitoring of North Korean computers, the National Security Agency got enough evidence to persuade President Obama that the North Koreans were to blame.

FBI Director James Comey also commented publicly on the hacking on January 7th, saying the North Koreans had become “sloppy” in hiding their tracks. U.S. Intelligence officials will not confirm the details of NSA’s intelligence gathering program.

The NSA provided a statement to NBC News which, although it did not directly address the Sony matter, said: “Director (of national intelligence James) Clapper is [and was] fully aware of North Korea’s many efforts in recent years to probe and infiltrate U.S. commercial networks and cyber infrastructure.”

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