Fish in a barrel: Aquariums targeted

Fish In A Barrel: Aquariums Targeted
Vandals burglarize a Texas store before shooting holes in several aquariums, leaving the fish inside to die.

LOBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) Police are searching for the burglars who vandalized a Lubbock, Texas store by shooting holes in several aquariums.

Kyle Howard, owner of Mr. Aquarium, says suspects broke through the sheet rock wall in the back of the building just after midnight Saturday and shot through ten of the aquarium tanks. They destroyed and emptied the cash register and damaged other equipment.

When when store manager Jennifer Casey went to the store to respond to a burglar alarm, she noticed a concerning scene.

“The police met her out front and the perimeter was sealed,” Howard said. “She was perplexed by that and they came in and the first thing they saw was a register. It was discombobulated.”

Then they heard the sound of rushing water.

“Ten of those aquariums were damaged and were shooting water out onto the floor,” Howard said. “I think ultimately about a thousand gallons of water was dumped on the floor. It was kind of chaotic.”

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