The ACLU wants police and citizens to be accountable

Their top priority is preventing racial profiling

BOSTON (WWLP) – The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts hopes to improve the way police officers interact with citizens by collecting more data.

The ACLU met with state lawmakers Tuesday to outline their legislative priorities. One of their top priorities is preventing racial profiling by law enforcement.

They’re pushing a bill that would require a police officer to document every traffic stop or pedestrian stop. They also want law enforcement to provide a “police receipt” to any detainees, detailing what prompted the stop, and how to report a case of suspected racial profiling.

According to Carol Rose of ACLU, “In the cities and towns where this has been tried, community trust increases and you have far fewer reports of any kind of bad interactions between the citizens and the police.”

The ACLU said the initiative would improve accountability for both police and citizens.

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