Teen survives icy plunge

Teen Survives Icy Plunge
Minnesota teen survives crash and 30-foot plunge into the icy Root River.

WYKOFF, Minnesota (KTTC) Rescuers are crediting unbelievable luck, along with wearing a seatbelt, to the survival of a teenager who slid more than 30-feet off a cliff near Wykoff, Minnesota this weekend, crashing into the Root River below.

19-year-old Brittany Erding walked away from the Friday night incident without a scratch. Making it more impressive, Erding suffers from a type of autism that makes it difficult for her to make decisions.

“I was really scared and I was hoping everything would be okay,” Brittany said after the crash.

“I was trying to slow down even more around the curve and it didn’t work out really well,” she laughed. When she lost control, she went up an embankment, and sailed off a cliff more than 30 feet high. “All of a sudden I was in water, the river water,” Brittany said.

She landed in the Root River below. As her car began to fill with water, she had to act fast.

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