Panic in the pileup

Panic In The Pileup
Newly released 911 calls reveal chaos in the moments following Friday's deadly I-94 pileup near Battle Creek, Michigan.

(WOOD) In 40 minutes of 911 call recordings, panic can be heard in the voices of drivers caught up in the Friday pileups on I-94 west of Battle Creek, Michigan that left one person dead.

The pileups on both side of the highway between Galesburg and Battle Creek involved a total of 193 vehicles. A truck driver from Canada was killed and 22 others were hospitalized.

In some of the calls, citizens on the line are crying. In many, callers can be heard barely restraining panic.

“OK, I want you to shut up and listen to me very carefully,” a caller, nearly shouting, says immediately after a dispatcher answers the phone. “I’m at the 95 yard line on Interstate 94. The eastbound side is completely shut down. We’ve got diesel fuel leaking out of several tankers. You need to get a hazmat team out here. You need some heavy-duty wreckers.”

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