More pothole problems on Rt. 5 in West Springfield

If you see a pothole, make sure to report it

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A pothole problem on Route 5 is affecting drivers as MassDOT works on a permanent solution.

22News sifted through viewers emails expressing concern about more pothole problems on Route 5 in West Springfield.

“Part of it is just atrocious. You really can’t make too much time or headway,” said Jeanie O’Malley of Longmeadow.  “Sometimes it’ll say exit. Where?”

22News drove through the part of the Route 5 tunnel where two-way traffic is squeezed onto the northbound side, while work is being done on the southbound lanes.

Route 5 is no stranger to potholes. Last winter the state spent $800,000 taxpayer dollars on a temporary fix to them. There has been an ongoing road replacement project to fix road surfaces since last winter when dozens of cars were damaged by potholes.

‘The overall goal is to build a roadway that is up to a standard people expect to drive across. Something that isn’t riddled with potholes. Something that doesn’t have dings or dents in it,” said Michael Verseckes, a MassDOT Spokesman.

The goal is to have the roadwork done by this June, with a price tag of nearly $5 million. Something one driver calls “money well spent.”

“I think it’s worth the expense to fix it once and for all, or at least do a long-term fix instead of that band aid from last year,” said RJ Miles of West Springfield.

Whether you’re traveling on route 5 or any another state road, if you see a pothole report it. You can do that by calling 857-DOT-INFO.

MassDOT hopes to have a crew out Wednesday to assess the new pothole problems. They’ll then decide if they need a temporary patch, until they can complete the permanent road replacement.

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