How to ask for a raise

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — Asking for a raise can be a nerve wracking conversation.

Eric Zeppa, from Southwick, told 22News, “I would be nervous. It would definitely be hard but hopefully you would go ahead and do it because you did think you deserved it.”

Now, a new survey of more than 30,000 people shows that less than half of working Americans have ever asked for a raise.

The same survey found that one third of employees are fearful to ask for a raise because that conversation can be uncomfortable.

Jim Diciocco, from West Springfield, told 22News, “It’s a little difficult, but it also depends on the relationship you have with your boss. I think that makes it easier. Some bosses are more approachable than others.”

If you do get up the courage to ask for that raise your boss may not be surprised. The survey found that more than half of employers current and incoming employees to negotiate for more money.

Career advisors say you can make the conversation easier if you go into it armed with information. Know what others are making in your particular job market, so you know your request is a realistic one.

Support your raise request with specific examples of why deserve it. You can show your boss by reminding him or her about milestones in the company that you were a part of making happen, or show documents that prove your contributions.

Most importantly, rehearse what you will say! Ask a friend help you go over it so the meeting with your boss is not the first time you make your pitch.

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