Facebook may know you better than your friends

The social media site can judge your personality traits

(AP Photo/James H. Collins)

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – As close as you may be to friends and family, the one who may know you the best may not be a person at all.

According to researchers at Stanford University and the University of Cambridge, Facebook can judge your personality traits even better than your spouse can.

Researchers matched what participants “liked” on Facebook to specific personality traits. Then, they asked participants’ friends and family about their personalities. Facebook was more accurate than people were.

22News spoke with a couple who said they weren’t surprised at all. Nicole Prosperi of Palmer said, “You’re just scrolling through the page, and you’re just liking things, oh yah, I never really thought about that, but yah, I like that, I like that, so just anything it catches you doing, it’s just a whole history of your whole profile, your whole personality.”

Researchers said this could help companies accurately place people in the workforce. There’s still a need for family and friends, though Facebook wasn’t as accurate when it came to judging emotion-based personality traits.

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