Several earthquakes shake the ground in CT within a week

The tremors started last Thursday with a 2.0 magnitude earthquake

Earthquake in Plainfield
The Weston Observatory at Boston College, part of the New England Seismic Network, has confirmed that it was an earthquake.

PLAINFIELD, CT (WWLP) – The earth has been shaking in eastern Connecticut.

The Weston Observatory of Boston College was in the northern part of Plainfield and Danielson Tuesday placing remote seismic recorders to try to pinpoint the exact location of where these tremors are starting.

The tremors started last Thursday, with a 2.0 magnitude earthquake. Since then there have been eight reported earthquakes in the town of Plainfield.

Monday morning’s magnitude three-point-one quake was felt as far away as Providence, Rhode Island. Five smaller quakes were felt afterward. There was a 2.1 magnitude quake Tuesday.

“Scientists from the Weston Observatory of Boston College said that a small series of earthquakes in the Northeast is not unusual because the eastern U.S. sits atop a tectonic plate that’s affected by geological pressure.”

Chief Michael Surprenant, of the Plainfield Police Department told 22News that his department has received more than 200 calls about earthquakes. He’s felt the tremors himself at Police Headquarters.

“Basically what we’re looking for is just to calm residents fears. It’s unknown it’s unpredictable.  And there’s been no injuries reported because of the quakes except for some minor structural damage such as cracked sheetrock and basement cracking,” Suprenant said.

While Connecticut has just as many fault lines as California, they are usually not as active.

“It’s scary. I mean the first one you heard about you think like oh this is the first time it’s happened it will stop and now it keeps happening and it’s actually getting kind of scary,” Kelsey Francis, of Plainfield said.

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