Close Call: Jeep narrowly misses cop

Close Call: Jeep Narrowly Misses Cop
Dashcam video shows out-of-control Jeep nearly slamming into police officer on icy Michigan highway.

ST CLAIR SHORES, Mich. (WDIV) Dashcam video from a Michigan patrol car shows exactly what kind of menace the icy roads and drivers going way too fast can be when a St. Clair Shores police officer is nearly run down on Interstate 94.

St. Clair Shores police Officer Jason Stachel and his partner are seen in the video blocking off I-94 ahead of an icy patch that has formed on the highway.

A screech is heard as a driver behind the wheel of a Jeep approaches at a speed way too fast for conditions and nearly plows right into the police, nearly crushing Stachel.

Stachel said once he realized the driver was OK, the reality that he could have been killed set in.

“Both myself and my partner ran up to the car to see if the driver was OK,” Stachel said. “I didn’t even think about myself until 15 minutes later when my partner said, ‘You almost died.’ That’s when you start to think about things.”

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