Black ice could give drivers trouble on morning commute

FEEDING HILLS, Mass. (WWLP)– Following Monday’s wet wintry mix, the dropping temperatures formed icy patches on the roads in some areas overnight.

Area drivers need to use the most caution Tuesday morning on secondary roads, and side and neighborhood streets, while the major highways seem to be mostly ice-free. Interstate 91, through Springfield in particular, was pretty much dry Tuesday morning. Remember, however, that entrance and exit ramps, as well as overpasses tend to freeze first.

In the early hours Tuesday morning, ice was forming on the roads in areas where rain left puddles or where snow mounds melted across roads. Black ice is particularly dangerous, because it’s very difficult to see. It just looks like a wet spot, but is actually frozen through, and has a slick surface.

Massachusetts State Police say that if you find your self driving on ice, stay calm and don’t hit the brakes suddenly. Instead, take your foot off the gas pedal to let the car slow down, and steer your way over it. Braking hard or making sudden turns could make you lose control of the car.

State police also warn that when it comes to ice, four-wheel or all-wheel drive does not mean you won’t slip, and that you will still need that extra stopping distance to keep yourself and other drivers safe.

If you haven’t cleared the snow off of your sidewalk or driveway, Tuesday’s dropping temperatures formed an icy layer could over that snow making it more difficult and heavier to clear away.

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