What’s causing earthquakes in Connecticut?

Connecticut has as many fault lines as California, geology professor says


SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – Monday morning’s earthquake in eastern Connecticut may have come as a surprise to those who felt it, but earthquakes are not that uncommon here in New England.

According to Professor Mark McMenamin, Professor of Geology at Mount Holyoke College, Connecticut actually has as many fault lines as California; they’re usually just not as active.

Monday’s earthquake hit just after 6:30 in the morning just east of Plainfield, Connecticut, the exact same area to feel a weaker earthquake last week.

As for the cause, it’s likely that the Hope Valley Shear Zone fault is to blame. That fault line runs from the Rhode Island coastline into eastern Connecticut, and back into eastern Massachusetts.

While we can and have experienced earthquakes centered here in western Massachusetts, there are more fault lines in the eastern part of our state than we have here.

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