President Obama outlines new plans to protect your identity

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Your privacy isn’t something to be taken for granted. After data breaches at major stores and the Sony hacking incident, President Obama announced plans to protect your personal information while speaking at the Federal Trade Commission on Monday.

“[You] Can’t put your info everywhere. [You have] got to know where to trust…Hackers are everywhere. They, everybody knows how to hack now. It’s easy to do. Go online, search up how to hack. You can do it,” Lukas St. German told 22News.

To improve transparency, President Obama proposed to have a nationwide standard, requiring companies to announce a data breach within 30 days of the potential hack.

To help you monitor potential identity theft, the White House is pushing for more credit card companies to offer members free credit scores more often.

President Obama also discussed protecting students’ personal information. He proposed an end to third party businesses getting that info and using it for more than educational purposes.

“They just need to be careful about which third party it goes to. That’s all it is…If it goes to some big conglomerate, no,” answered Bradley Jones, a sophomore at Western New England University.

So far, at least 75 companies, many of which sell software, have pledged to use the info only for education. According to the White House 9 in 10 Americans don’t feel in control of their own information. 22News asked students if they were confident their data was protected.

“Fairly confident because I try to be careful about where I post my information. I don’t put any of my credit card numbers online, don’t give it out to any of my friends,” said Amber White, a junior at WNEU.

You can expect to hear the president’s cybersecurity plans in his State of the Union Address on January 20, 2015.

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