More employees expecting a raise in 2015

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– In an economy that has been slow to recover, many people are grateful just to be employed. But as things improve, there are signs that for many in the workforce, money is becoming a major motivator when choosing to stay at a job or choosing to go.

“Money’s always the big issue. It’s always the big issue and I think people will move on if they’re not going to get the money,” Paul Chenecert of Springfield said.

A new survey from Glassdoor found that nearly half of all employed workers are expecting to get a raise in 2015.

The study also found those counting on a raise are expecting it to be between three and five percent. The survey shows that roughly one in three workers will look for a new job if they don’t get that raise, but some folks in Springfield told 22News staying with an employer is about more than just a raise.

“Obviously an employer, showing that they care about you and what you do is the most important, but just having a competitive wage is more important than just the raise itself.” Josh Muszyski said.

Carlos Garcia, a Springfield resident, told 22News, “If I like my job, obviously I’ll stay regardless. But you know pay does have a factor. In reality, if you like your job and you’re happy with it, I’ll just keep it anyway.”

In addition to salary expectations, the survey asked about several other factors, including the job market and job security. The results there showed job market confidence is at a six-year high and concerns about being laid off are at a six-year low.

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