Kitchen of the future?

Kitchen Of The Future?
Virginia Tech researchers are rolling out an interactive kitchen designed to unite cooking with the digital age.

BLACKSBURG, Vir. (WSLS) The kitchen of the future is taking shape at Virginia Tech.

From touchscreen social table workspace where you can send recipes right to monitors mounted in the backsplash to voice activated temperature control, the kitchen the Virginia Tech Center for Design Research has built is cutting edge.

Despite all the technology put in to enhance the user experience, the concept is part of a research project focusing on building smart homes like cars built on an assembly line.

“We’re not delivering a different design, a new kitchen, just proposing a new process of building it,” explains lead researcher Joseph Wheeler.

Wheeler says the benefit is far reaching, from quality control in the construction to cost savings.

Instead of building on a job site the customizable “cartridge” as its called is built in a controlled environment and delivered fully assembled.

The kitchen is the first phase of a larger three year project to build a two-story “Future-Haus” on campus with technology available now.


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