Injured pelicans wash ashore

Injured Pelicans Wash Ashore
Rescuers believe someone intentionally broke the wings of more than a dozen birds.

JASCKSONVILLE, Fla. (WTLV) More than a dozen pelicans are under the care of a bird rescue group called BEAKS. after washing ashore along the Florida coast.

Cynthia Mosling has operated the Bird Emergency Aide and Kare Sanctuary since 1981. She says she has never seen so many injured pelicans at any one time.

18 pelicans have been picked up by BEAKS volunteers from Atlantic Beach to South Ponte Vedra Beach beginning Saturday afternoon through Sunday. They all have broken wings.

” This did not happen accidentally, this is not something like a bird flew into something and knocked it’s wing,” said Mosling. ” I don’t know if somebody is angry with them, or in the way of fishermen, I hate to say.”

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