Connecticut town hit by 2nd earthquake in 1 week

3.3 magnitude earthquake in Plainfield, Connecticut

PLAINFIELD, Conn. (WWLP) – A town in eastern Connecticut has experienced a second earthquake in less than a week’s time. The United States Geological Survey reports that a 3.3 magnitude earthquake centered in Plainfield, Connecticut happened at around 6:30 Monday morning.

The fairly weak earthquake could be felt in eastern portions of Connecticut, as well as in neighboring Rhode Island, and as far away as Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Our Connecticut sister station WTNH-TV reports that area police received numerous calls from local residents reporting they heard a loud explosion, and then the ground began to quake.

A 2.0 magnitude quake, also centered in Plainfield, was reported Thursday morning. Quakes of that magnitude are barely noticeable, but 3.3 magnitude quakes are much more frequently felt by people who are inside buildings, particularly on higher floors. They rarely cause damage, however.

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