Suspect in French terror attacks no longer in France

Hayat Boumeddiene is wanted by authorities in connection with shooting death of police officer

(CNN) – The investigation into the French terror attacks that left 17 victims dead continues Saturday. There is word that a key suspect left the country before the attacks occurred. Also, new allegations that one of the dead terror suspects may have had ties to the so-called “underwear bomber”.

The single remaining publicly-identified suspect in the French terror attacks is not in France, according to a source close to the Turkish Prime Ministry. Hayat Boumeddiene is wanted by authorities in connection with the shooting death of a police officer Thursday.

The source says Turkish police are tracking Boumeddiene’s movements in Turkey and that she entered Turkey on January 2nd, before any of the terror attacks that left 17 victims dead. Another source close to the French security services says she is likely bound for Syria.

Also Saturday, a Yemeni journalist tells CNN the so-called “underwear bomber” was once a roommate of one of the attackers in the rampage on Charlie Hebdo, a French satire magazine. The reporter says said Kouachi lived with Umar Farouk Abdul-Mutallab in Yemen. CNN is unable to verify the report. Abdul-Mutallab is in prison in the U.S. for trying to take down an airliner bound for Detroit in 2009.

Police killed Said and his brother Cherif Kouachi in a standoff Friday. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls says France is fighting a war for its way of life: “It is a war against terrorism, against Jihadism, against radical Islamism.”

While the investigation continues, people all over France are holding marches and rallies, trying to heal, while the country mourns the victims.

Additional security measures are planned for a Sunday unity rally in Paris. 1,100 troops are currently in the Paris region, about 250 more will be on duty Sunday.

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