Legal expert weighs in on Hernandez jury selection

There’s a pool of 1,125 potential jurors for the case

Aaron Hernandez
Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez attends a pretrial hearing in Fall River, Mass., Monday, Dec. 22, 2014. Hernandez's murder trial is expected to take six to 10 weeks, prosecutors said Monday, at what is likely to be the former NFL star's final hearing before trial begins next month. (AP Photo/Brian Snyder, Pool)

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — The process of selecting a jury for the Aaron Hernandez murder trial is going to be a strategic chess game between prosecutors and the defense team.

“At the end of the day, jury selection is as much art as it is science,” former U.S. Attorney Robert Corrente told Eyewitness News.

There’s a pool of 1,125 potential jurors for the case. The goal is to whittle that group down to just 18 people. They’ll fill out questionnaires and be interviewed to narrow down the pool. Corrente says the prosecution is looking for conservative jurors who will get along well with others.

“You don’t want quirky or jurors who have something in their background that make it more likely that they would be a hold out,” he explained.

Hernandez’s defenders will be looking for a lone wolf, who could upset a unanimous decision.

“Some people who take the process very, very seriously, think that unless that you can convince me beyond a reasonable doubt on every single point, it’s my obligation to hold out,” Corrente  said

On January 14, those summoned will find out if they need to return the following day for an interview with the judge overseeing the case.

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