Health care worker dies from the flu

Katie's doctor attributed her symptoms to influenza

NEW YORK (CNN) – A 26-year-old health care worker died just days after getting sick with the flu. Her family says she got a flu shot but it didn’t work. Now, the newly-wed’s family hopes her story may save someone else.

Katie Mcquestion’s mom didn’t want to talk on camera but says her daughter was a picture of health. Beautiful smart, just married in September. Katie’s funeral was Tuesday, another victim of flu.

Katie graduated from UW Milwaukee as a radiology technician IM 2012 and worked at St. Catherine’s Medical Center in pleasant prairie.

Her mom said as part of her job she had to get a flu shot. Tragically, it didn’t keep her from getting sick. However, Kenosha County’s health officer say the vast majority of people who get a flu shot are helped by it.”

“For the majority of people, they should get vaccinated because this is a very unusual case and it typically does not happen,” said Cynthia Johnson, health officer.

Cindy Johnson says on the death certificate, Katie’s doctor attributed her symptoms to influenza.

Katie’s mom says her daughter developed sepsis from flu, essentially blood poisoning, suffered a heart attack and then massive organ failure.

“Sometimes that does happen with those cascading results of someone’s metabolism, their particular makeup that they can fail very quickly and it’s very difficult at times to turn that around in the intensive care unit,” said Johnson.

Katie’s mother says her family is devastated and hopes in some way. Talking about what happened to Katie will help someone else.

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