Protecting your car from cold temperatures

22News Storm Team tracking a severe weather alert

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The 22News Storm Team is tracking a severe weather alert for Wednesday. As these bitter cold temperatures continue, it’s important to protect your car during the winter months.

AAA says during frigid winters, there’s usually a jump in the number of service calls, many for dead car batteries. So if you notice your car is starting-up slower than usual, or your interior lights are dim or flickering, it could be time to have your battery checked.

Also, it’s important to start-up your car and let the engine run for a little while before you take off. “I always start it 20 minutes early in the morning and keep it running. Get it nice and warm so when I get in it, the engine is hot, and I’m ready to go,” said Kevin Hill of West Springfield.

You might not have to let it run for 20 minutes. AAA says just a couple of minutes will do. However, if you start-up your car early, do not leave it running in the garage, or a closed space.

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