Enlace de Familias strengthens community

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – The mission of Enlace de Familias is to promote a community where all families are given the opportunity to improve their quality of life. Marketing and Outreach Specialist Nelson Roman and Parents Education Coordinator Roy Lichtenstein joined us to share more about the organization.

About Enlace De Familias:

Enlace de Familias/Holyoke Family Network is a grassroots non-profit organization located in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Enlace provides parenting programming and resources to help strengthen the community and empower families to build their lives in confidence and with hope. We specialize in food, housing, and public school system referrals, but also offer our community members a variety of educational family-oriented services. We want to strengthen Holyoke’s community to identify and address their needs and aspirations.

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