Caught on Camera: Off-duty cop shoots himself

Police officer's gun goes off as he puts it in his pocket

(CNN) – Erlanger police officer Darryl Jouett gets into an elevator with his wife after the two had just finished dinner Saturday night in Over-The-Rhine. He pulls his gun from his holster, checks the weapon, and appears to be trying to put it in his pocket when it goes off. The bullet ricochets off the elevator door and hits Officer Jouett in the stomach. His wife gets out her phone and calls for help.

“It’s like handling a snake; you have to always be aware.”

Ed Bridgeman retired from law enforcement after 35 years on the force. We showed him the video of Officer Jouett accidentally shooting himself.

“It’s something you should probably give a little more attention to, it looks like he was carrying on a conversation; he was juggling with the box and then he was obviously juggling with the firearm.”

Bridgeman is now the head of the criminal justice program at UC Clermont. He teaches new cadets how to handle guns safely. But he says sometimes it’s the more experienced officers who need a reminder of how to handle their weapon.

“They say one of the most dangerous times is after about the 3rd or 4th year because you start feeling, on the police department, because you start feeling that you know everything you need to know and you start relaxing and taking shortcuts and you can’t do that.”

Officer Jouett says he’s doing okay and recovering at home.

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