Bitter cold brings frostbite danger

Bitter Cold Brings Frostbite Danger
Doctors warn freezing winds can cause serious harm in just a few minutes.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (KARE) A hospital bed is not where Josh Diseth wanted to start his new year.

“I remember slipping on the ice and I hit my head pretty hard. Pretty sure it knocked me out for a little bit,” Diseth recalled of the moment last weekend when he was walking home near Devil’s Lake, North Dakota.

He was knocked out and not dressed for the weather, he said it was about 30 degrees below zero wind chill, and when he woke up he knew he was in trouble.

He had to be flown to Minnesota’s Hennipen County Medical Center burn unit on Saturday with severe frostbite to his feet, back and fingers.

His case is not at all unusual to Dr. Ryan Fey, who is a surgeon in the HCMC burn unit.

“When it gets down into that 25-30 below wind chill range it can just be a matter of minutes really before you start having injury,” Dr. Fey explains.

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