Pumping gas will be easier soon in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the only state that has banned these hold-open clips.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Drivers won’t need to hold on to a cold nozzle while pumping gas for much longer. Self-serve gas stations will install hold-open clips soon that allow you to let go of the nozzle and even wait in your car while you fill your tank.

The Massachusetts Department of Fire Safety eliminated a decades-old ban on “hold-open” clips on gas pumps. The clips keep the gas nozzle in the “on” position, allowing gas to flow freely into the car without you holding the nozzle trigger to fill the tank.

Linda Colon of Holyoke is happy to have the gas clips back. “The winter time, you know, we’re in New England, it gets cold,” says Colon. “Use that clip, get in the car, stay warm, and it’s all good.”

Massachusetts is the only state in the nation that has banned these hold-open clips. Back in the 1970s many people feared that the gas tank would overflow if the clip did not automatically unlatch, and that there would be a risk of a fire as well

Residents told 22News they understand how many people are still worried about these possible dangers.

Addie Stiles of Holyoke says, “I think we should worry about it but I’m going to assume that whoever makes or designs it, that they would take the steps necessary to make sure we’re all safe. So I think it’d be a really great thing if we could get it back.”

One driver says the gas clip could also keep drivers safe in their cars.

“For me when I travel down south to visit my family, I do get nervous about getting out of my car, when I’m alone, like when I travel to Florida,” says Frankie Rosa from New Jersey. “If I do a late night drive, I am concerned about getting out of my car.”

These hold-open clips are part of the new Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code that went into affect on January 1st. There is no confirmation yet on when or how long it will take self-serve gas stations to install these hold-open clips.

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