Piano retailers dealing with changes in tastes

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – More children learning to play the piano is seen as the salvation of music stores that sell the instruments.

Falcetti Music owner Tony Falcetti told 22News that his Springfield store is thriving because of their emphasis on music education. He said that makes the difference between stores that are surviving amid changes in entertainment, and those that are not.

Falcetti Music currently teaches between five to six hundred students, and some digital-age pianos integrate new tools for learning to play the instrument.

“It’s the inter-action of Apps that helps with the teaching aspect of playing. So It allows them to record something and then hear themselves play back or just record the left hand, so there’s a lot of educational tools that we have today that we didn’t have previously,” Falcetti said.

Americans buy 30,000-40,000 pianos each year. One hundred years ago, before radio, television, and the Internet, piano sales peaked at more than 300,000 ever year.

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