Man killed in fight over Redskins-Cowboys game

The suspect was arrested and is behind bars

(CNN) – In a matter of seconds, Chuck Setchel went from celebrating the Cowboys win over the Redskins, to being dead on the restaurant floor.

“I’m shocked, I’m standing there like where are you going, look what you’ve just done.”

Chuck’s fiancé was with him, she was sitting next to him at the bar. Only NewsChannel 3 showed her the clip of her fiancé’s last moments at Zino’s restaurant where police say Ronnie Cisko killed him.

“I’m broken-hearted, I miss him, I wait for him to come home. It really hasn’t hit home yet.”

What led up to that fatal blow could be even more heartbreaking. Stewart says she and Chuck were celebrating the Dallas’ Cowboys win. Cisko and 2 other Redskins fans were sitting nearby. The two groups were joking around with each other about the game, but then things got violent after a few drinks, according to Stewart. Both groups were name-calling, then the fight happened.

“We saw the Redskins jerseys, Cowboys, and then it just went from there. Something as simple as just talking and just dogging each others teams, so I mean, how it went from that to murder, I don’t know.”

Once Chuck fell to the ground, Cisko stepped over his body and didn’t even check to see if he was okay.

“They walked out like they did nothing, like okay, we’re done drinking, we’ve had our time, good times and now we’re out the door.”

Now Cisko is behind bars and Stewart is wishing Chuck was still alive.

“I want to see him again. It’s not going to be enough because I want to see him the rest of my life. We were supposed to spend the rest of our lives together.”

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