Law on caging of hens may increase price of eggs

California to require larger cages

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – You may soon have to pay more for eggs because of new regulations expanding the size of hen cages.

The new law in California (one of the nation’s largest egg producers) requires expanded cages that would allow hens more room to move around. While seen by some as a step forward for animal welfare, farmers say this would result in fewer eggs; leading to higher prices.

Even with an increase in price, however, those new regulations might not effect the consuming of eggs among some people here in western Massachusetts.

“They’re important for Bacon. I went through four dozen during the holidays,” Veronica Waldens of Springfield said. “I just love eggs.”

The consensus among egg eaters 22News spoke with was that eggs provide enough health benefits to prevent them from cutting back amid a possible price increase.

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