Gov. Council approves four pardons, one commutation

BOSTON (WWLP) – In just two weeks time, the Governor’s Council approved a total of four criminal pardons and one commutation.

“They’ve had a lot before them, we’ve put a lot before them and they were concern about being able to get to all of them,” said Governor Patrick.

All five cases were backed by Governor Patrick, who has never shown interest in granting clemency until the very end of his tenure. It is the first time a Massachusetts governor has granted a pardon or commutation since 2002 when Jane Swift was acting Governor. Councilor Michael Albano voted “yes” on all five cases and hopes more are on the way.

“I have no qualms about voting favorably. I did it under three governors: King, Dukakis and Governor Weld. I have no problem whatsoever in that,” said Albano.

Not all members agree. Jennie Caissie was the lone vote against the criminal pardon of former gang member True-See Allah. Allah was convicted for his involvement in a shooting that left a man paralyzed.

“The one person we didn’t hear from during the hearing is the victim, Macarthur Williams, and he couldn’t come in because he died from the result, eventual result of the gunshot,” said Caissie.

The Governor’s Council is in charge of approving pardons and the governor’s judicial nominees. Governor Patrick said he could grant a few more pardons before he leaves office if he can get to them in time. Baker is set to succeed him on Thursday.

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